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Good morning dear readers, finally Friday and ta taaa…from now on I will write a blogpost Monday-Friday (hopefully). As for those of you who’s been with me for many years you may know I actually started my first blog already before most of us has laptops and iPhones. It 2008 and I wrote my first blogpost from my beautiful apartment in Oslo (where I went to university) and I remember describing what I was wearing as there was no tool for inserting pictures. That seems like a digital lifetime ago. The blog has followed me like a best friend and we had ups and downs, jealous boyfriends and hackers, and resulted in tears, angry bosses and news friends and definitely lots of hours in front of the screen. But I am still here, and you are still there asking me to write and share tips, travels, fashion and all. So here we go. A new era is here and I decided to make it pretty simple, one post each day (and hopefully I can keep my promise!).

Back to blogging, today from one of the many cozy cafes in Zurich.

Back to blogging, today from one of the many cozy cafes in Zurich.

My love for Ikea its simple porcelain
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Back home and aweee - I’m tired from traveling, we only got home at midnight. (Yawning...). However, Today I want to give some credits to beloved IKEA. Simple beloved Ikea. I bought these bowls six months ago and I use them all the time for both smoothie bowls, taco dinners and sweets! They are simply the perfect bowls. I really like that they are a little square in shape. Unfortunately, IKEA does not have these bowls left in its assortment, but below I show the series Krustad that is similar, and also with a beautiful pattern - perfect for long breakfasts in the spring sun.

French Chic Interior & Style

Hello from France and the Riviera, the sun is shining and the wine is cold! I follow the instagram star Anne-Laure Mais and at the moment, I feel like copying her style. Those of you who’s been reading my blog for a while know that I absolutely love France, the Riviera and the chic French style. Classic yet elegant relaxed and always so feminine, I'm trying to imitate!

Sofia CM french interior

And if you are crazy about France like I am, why not match the decor? This charming Parisian apartment was made in 19th century by my favourite French interior designers Gilles & Boissier. The apartment has a beautiful white interior which offers a unique contrast which combines a classical background and contemporary art work. Enjoy it! 

Sunlight, simplicity and airy rooms
1 sofia cm interior zurich .jpg

I get so happy when I see this home ... Almost "weak-kneed" as one would say in Swedish. The sunlight, the simple but lovely interior and the airy rooms. I used the same pictures when I wrote about 3 essential tips for decorating a kids room, a post that was highly appreciated. In the case you would like to decorate your home similar to this home, I have listed some of the interior pieces spotted below. 

1 sofia cm interior zurich 4.jpg
What to wear for Easter in France

Hey hey! I’m packing my bag for the easter break! We are flying to Barcelona tomorrow, and from there driving to our family home in France. We’re going to hang out with my fiancé, his brother and his girlfriend for a long weekend. The weather seems to be on our side with around twenty degrees and sunshine. And what to wear for Easter in France? I keep it simple with jeans, sneakers, a white classic shirt and a couple of dresses for the evenings. Here’s my little french fashion inspo. 

Packing for weekend sofia cm interior and style blog zurich switzerland scandinavian top five bloggers
Pink as an accent interior color
Sofia CM Interior Blog Zurich

New week, new opportunities and I feel like pink! It's been a super sunny weekend and the spring has finally arrived in Zurich! I feel rested and full of new energy and that's why I wanted to show you this beautiful home, decorated with a pink accent color. I only have one piece of pink in my home, an artwork from Audrey Bogush and have not yet "dared" to invest in any additional deco. But after seeing this home my mind starts to wander. 

Pink is a risky color. If used excessively it will make your home look like a Barbie house. It’s why most people avoid this color and even despise it. Nevertheless, when used with measure, pink can be a great accent color that instantly makes your home look fresh, friendly and dynamic. Some beautiful color combination using pink include shades of white, grey, black or blue. A good room to add the color pink in your interior is the living room, as it can be easily adapted to such a bold color as it’s a social area also designed for entertainment. Go bold, go pink! It's Monday after all! Hugs! 

Pomegranate Salad

After a day of wedding planning and a big spring cleaning of our balcony we really deserved a delicious lunch. I made a Pomegranate Salad with cheese, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, apple, tomato, salad, koriander and of course Pomegranate seeds. Bon apetit! Now I'm going to take my book and sit down with a cup of tea and a plum cake that I got from our neighbours. <3 

Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home Sofia CM

Good morning friends, it’s sunny, it’s Friday and finally we’re approaching a weekend at home! We've been traveling every weekend for one month (skiing, Valencia, skiing, Hamburg), so I can’t tell you how much I look forward to spend a saturday at home, wake up in our own bed, put on my own bathrobe and make a coffee in our own coffee-machine. 

Home sweet Home...

This weekend will be filled with resting, decorate the house for easter and wedding planning. And the one thing I look forward to the most is tomorrow when I'll be going to Jimmy Choo to pick up my wedding shoes. Enjoy your Friday! 

Home Sweet Home Sofia CM
My Two Best Candle Tips

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with candles. I always have one burning and love switching them up, depending on my mood. Bu how does one make a candle burn evenly and how do I keep my candles clean or avoid the soot? Let me tell you how. 

Sofia CM best tips for Candles

Trim your wick

If you don’t already do this, trim your wick so that it’s the length of about 1/4 inch. I trim my candle wicks before each use.  By doing this, your candle will not leave as much soot (the black residue) behind. If any of my candles do end up with any soot, I wipe it off with a paper towel (after the candle has cooled off completely, of course!). You can use small scissors for this or a candle wick trimmer. This is one of the most important things to do, if you want to keep your candles/jars clean.

Sofia CM best tips for Candles

Burn evenly 

If you get your candle to burn evenly, you’ll have less trouble removing any wax left behind once your candle is completely burnt. The first time you burn your candle is the most important “burn”. You want to make sure that you burn it for at least 2 hours (this will depend on the size of the candle, of course). The reason for this, is that you want the wax to burn/melt all the way to the edges of the candle. Otherwise, the wax will start to tunnel and next time you burn your candle, it will be impossible to get an even burn.

I also usually avoid burning my candles for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Sofia CM best tips for Candles



Elegant nakpins with eucalyptus leaves

Good morning new week! I’m exhausted after a family get-together in Germany and would have preferred to stay in bed (and it does not help that it’s a blizzard outside) but Monday is here and it is, after all, my favourite day – and today contains a lot of fun! Among other things, we will fit our wedding rings today followed by lunch together (which rarely happens!). And in the afternoon I will decorate the house for Easter! Festive times are ahead of us! 

And for the occasion I wanted to give you a napkin DIY decoration tips; I really love eucalyptus, not only because it’s beautiful, but it’s also a lot of value for money when you can use it fresh as well as dried. Below I show one of my favourite eucalyptus decorations that fits simple evenings as well as for easter. This is how I make my napkin rings with eucalyptus.

Elegant table setting with eucalyptus leaves Sofia CM

You need Linen Napkins, Steel Wires, Eucalyptus Twigs (mine are dry), small wooden stick for stabilisation – you can pick it yourself of purchase it. Mine are from Coop Hobby. 

  1. Fold the linen napkins in the middle (take as a pinch in the middle and let the napkin fold itself)
  2. Cut approx. 15cm of an eucalyptus twig
  3. Place the wooden stick in the middle of the napkin and place the eucalyptus twig on top
  4. Twist the steel wire two turns around the twigs

Et Voila - An elegant napkin with eucalyptus leaves for everyday 

Elegant table setting with eucalyptus leaves sofia cm blog interior and decoration Switzerland Zurich scandinavian 
3 Essential tips for decorating a kids room

For all my lovely friends and readers with kids of expecting kids; here's my gift to you today! And especially to Annika who gave birth yesterday ♡ A rain of inspiring picture and simple tips when decorating a kids room. 

Kidsroom Inspo

3 Essential tips for decorating a kids room


A tips is to use a neutral ground on the walls, without any eye-catching patterns or colors. Then you can experiment freely with the details. Mix different colors, patterns and shapes on pillows and toys - and use globe string lights to make the baby room feel calm and cozy!


The most important furniture is bed, desk and storage for clothes, books and toys. A good tip is to buy regular furniture and not special children's furniture that the kids quickly grow out. Another tip of the tip is to look for used children's furniture in secondhand markets; Mixing old and new creates harmony in children's rooms and also a good budget tip. And for the DIY people, pick a couple of fun colors and brush up your secondhand furniture! 


The most important textiles are bed linen, a bedspread, a rug and curtains. Check for bedding labeled with oekotex with less chemicals. ( pssst. I know that MLL soon launches very nice kids bedding!). Invest in a nice cover or a blanket to make the bed daily and some pillows with matching colors. Curtains give a sense of security when reducing the Chi Flow (Feng Shui), it also helps to darken the room and it can also be smart to invest in a roller blind. A rug in the children's room is cozy and helps to lower the noise level, keep in mind to choose one that you can wash.

Enjoy and happy Friday!

Say Hi to my new Favourite color Sage!

Brace yourself, white and beige; There's a new neutral coming to town. According to the Pinterest 100 list, which is the website's prediction of trends that are going to be huge in 2018 based on what people are pinning, sage is about the have a serious moment.


Sage is so Popular! 

There's been a 170% increase in saves for "sage" decor — and it's easy to see why. This greyish green hue is a soft, muted color that’s easy to decorate with, but doesn't veer into boring or predictable territory, hence why it's being dubbed a new neutral!

Here’s some of my favourite Sage images <3

Hello Sunday

Hello from Engelberg, spring and sunshine. The skiing is really difficult here and it’s only yellow, black and red slopes open as it’s pretty warm and heavy snow. After 4 hours skiing in only back slopes (scary as h***) I’m now sitting outside in the sunshine at a terrace Resturant on the Titlis mountain and resting my very  tired legs while the others are going offpist. I prefer gluewine over dangerous adventures today! As my mom would say “det är benbrytar snö” - hope you’re enjoying your Sunday and recharging for tomrrow. 

Essential packing rules for weekends

Good morning guys! I just closed my weekend bag, pulled out my warmest scarf and headed out! We are going to the mountains today with friends. I cannot wait for another weekend of foundeu, skiing, two long hotel breakfasts and just hanging out. When we go skiing we never rush in the morning, we are never the first ones in the slopes and we always sit the longest in the breakfast. I guess this must be a cause of having done the exact opposite during my childhood. My fiancé and I both remember having parents pulling us out of bed and rushing to be the first one in the slopes. Well, we might be the same later on in life, but for now we enjoy our time to the max.  


Essential packing rules

When I go for short skiing weekend like these I bring very few but very essential clothing; my two rules are 1. bring clothing that can be used two ways – for skiing and for casual evenings. 2. Bring only clothing in naturally warm fabrics such as wool, cashmere and fur. Trust me, it's worth the pre-thinking! 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in my bag this weekend. 

  • A scarf in pashmina 
  • A cashmere cardigan 
  • A sparkly cardigan in cotton wool blend 
  • A fur west 
  • A cashmere hat 

Wishing you a lovely weekend! 


Fascinating and shocking facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland.

Happy Women’s day 2018! As I stated on instagram this morning I happen to live in the least (in my opinion) gender equal country I ever known. I do everything in my power to change, meaning contributing on a daily basis to small or bigger tings. Just by running this blog I feel I raise my or a voice for women. But to underline the gender gap, let me present some fascinating and shocking facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland. 

  1. In 1971 Switzerland finally granted women the right to vote at national level. But that was only one canton!!...26 remained!! and it took until 1991 for all women in Switzerland to have voting rights.
  2. 1984 First woman elected member of Switzerland's government.
  3. In a September 1985 referendum women were granted equal rights with men within family life. Until this date men had legal authority over their wives, meaning a husband could prevent his wife from working, choose where she should live and manage her money, including preventing her from opening a bank account without his approval. 
  4. In 1990 the region of Appenzell became the last canton in Switzerland to give women voting rights at cantonal level – and then only because the federal supreme court forced it to. 
  5. Abortion on request became legal in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in 2002. Also that year, the morning after pill was released for sale without prescription.
  6. 2004 Referendum on a law to introduce a paid maternity leave accepted. Pregnant women became legally entitled to paid maternity leave in 2005, but only after the idea had been rejected by voters in four previous referendums.

Let us move forward, strive for change and become stronger each day! Very Much Happy Women's Day! 

14 fascinating facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland