I’m a total list-lover. I make lists for literally everything from daily and weekly "todo’s" to bigger ten year goals, and everything in between. This is how I function. But I guess it’s not about the list itself, it’s rather about putting it down on paper that makes it feel like a promise. And the only way I’m allowing myself to take a task off the list is when its done. Pretty simply. 

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On Monday morning I review my list from the previous week, I cross everything that has been done and move over the undone tasks to the present week. I quickly think about the undone tasks; why I didn’t do them last week, was is due to lack of time, resources or motivation? All these undone tasks gets’ first priority on the new list of the week. This is basically how I structure my daily life, professionally and privately with one big motto: get things done, asap. Wishing you a successful Monday!