While the summer is definitely leading towards the end, I’m keeping the memories of my favourite season inside. I plucked these wonderful flower-crowns from my own garden the end of August, when they had it’s most stunning purple colour. It fits perfectly with the green leaves and my white decoration. I was spending most of my day at the balcony yesterday, making it ready for the winter season to come. The sunrise and sunset over the mountains is indescribable during this season. It’s all pink and purple and there isn’t a morning without us hanging out of our bedroom window for a few minutes, just enjoying the scenery.

Sofia CM Interior, Home decoration and Sytle blog Zurich Switzerland.jpg

The vase and the table are both from Westwing, the wonderful home decoration company started by my acquaintance Delia. And I’m hoping to meet up with more entrepreneurs like her during my stay in New York next week to get new inspiration. Speaking of which, it’s time to start packing, we are leaving on Sunday morning.