Let’s do 10 quick ones from life right now:

  1. When did my alarm ring: 07.00… Later than normal but I’m alone home and I like to sleep right now
  2. What makes me open my eyes: the sunrise over Zurich lake, I love to stay in bed and watching the pink skies reflecting in the snowy mountains 
  3. What did I have for breakfast: A wholegrain croissant and two coffees (and I could have a third one….)
  4. What makes me happy: that my mom is coming to visit me for the weekend  
  5. What disappoints me: people cancelling the same day, there is simply no excuse 
  6. Whats my latest buy: a pair of Giovanni Rossi suede boots in a light colour 
  7. My latest travel: New York 
  8. My upcoming travel: Good question, in December Copenhagen if nothing before
  9. My most used emoji: the cloud, I love the cloud ☁️
  10. My favourite song: River with Leon Bridges 
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So i wish you a super lovely day, and put that extra spark to it! I was walking around in my sparkling shoes the other day for no other reason that they make me happy. I used them for my moms ABBA party she had for her 60th’s birthday party earlier this year. It’s that kind of day today, a day to sparkle a bit extra! Hugs!