Comfortable and stylish sofa bed

Good morning, new week, fresh start and fresh pillows. While cleaning yesterday, I placed the pillows from our sofa on the balcony and I (of course) forgot to take them in again, but no harm done. My mom stayed over for the weekend, and slept on our sofa bed without complains. Our sofa bed is a long story, simply because that’s the furniture I’ve spent the longest time (ever) to find. Try to find a comfortable, functional, good looking, affordable sofa bed (talking under EUR 5000). Impossible, almost. 

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Until I found Signet Isla. Not only the name of our sofa is lovely, the sofa itself is the most comfortable sofa I ever sat in and slept in. And it has all those things one wants a sofa bed to have. Best of all; one can store things underneath, customise size and colour and three handyman drive the sofa to your home and install it for you. The grey pillow in the middle belong to the sofa and the green coloured ones are from IKEA. I love to mix luxury and budget. So if you’re looking for a sofa bed that has it all, check out this brand with it’s own factory in Germany.