How to Choose the Perfect Hat

It’s pretty obvious that shielding your head with a warm hat is crucial in crazy-cold weather. But like any item of clothing that is more practical than fashionable, pulling it off in a chic way isn’t exactly easy. And Hats just might be the only fashion accessory that men know more about than women... But hang on, let me teach you. 


From choosing the right size and colour to how to know how and where to buy a hat, here are my best tips on how to buy the perfect winter hat. 

winter women sofia cm interior blog


I can recommend Stetson, where I’ve bought mine couple of years ago in Gotenburg. I prefer to invest in a high quality one rather than five from H&M, but that is individual! 


The right size of the hat is crucial for the looks. If you buy a high quality hat it comes in “hat sizes”, meaning the centimeters around your head. Read in details on how to measure your head here I wear 57, which is a medium size.

winter women sofia cm interior blog


Colour wise I prefer neutral colours such as navy, grey or cream because they pair well with just about any outfit and add a chic touch in the chilliest weather. 


 100% wool felt is my favourite, but I also like cashmere felt - the one from Loro Piana is lovely, find it here

winter women sofia cm interior blog