After a turbulent day it’s finally time to leave for Christmas holidays. I only travel with hand luggage as I always end up wearing only my one favorite cashmere sweater and jeans when being at our parents place. So no need for a big bag. Apart from that I’ve packed gifts; Swiss cheese and some additional chocolate and fruit bread. I look forward to slow down and spend my holidays in peace and somehow isolation with my family.


Another thought I have is about gratefulness and spirit. Have you thought about it? How did the year end for you? In peace? In happiness? Did you thank the people in your surrounding, did you give that extra cheers to your group and the people you see daily? Did you leave your daily life or work spreading hope and motivation? What do you think people think about you while you’re apart? Take this break to consider it.

An extra word or reminder goes out to those who forget to be a team, to strive together or who’s who’s acting selfish and foolish - take a moment to think about the way you act, open your eyes and think one step further. In nine out of ten cases it’s your own behavior affecting others and if you wish for a change you first need to change yourself. I’ve learned the hard way myself. If you lead or want to lead - It’s your own energy and spirit your surrounding feels. Always see the great in people and stop looking for the negative. There will be a new year and a new chance to make up and strive for something better. I wish you a great time and remember to be grateful to  people around you and the small things in life.

That matters. Merry Christmas.