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Good morning my beloved readers and merry Christmas. I’m still in bed with a coffee and a saffron bun, breakfast in bed is a tradition of ours. Another tradition my family and I have, is giving homemade chocolate or cookies to our friends and neighbors. It’s a simple gesture that makes a difference - as for some - this day may be the most lonely day of the year. But lonely or not I wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

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How to 

Take a small gift bag. I get mine at Coop in Switzerland - the one that comes in packs of ten. Fill it with chocolate or home made cookies. Use a band to close the bag, I use a red one with a wire inside. Personalize the bag with a name tag, I recycle old place cards and you can find a post about that here. Et Voila! My homemade gift is ready.


You can find one of my cookie recipes here

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