DIY Elegant Napkin Decorations

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday. Are you ready to get back into the swing of things? It’s soon New Year's Eve and I LOVE to throw parties and decorate the table. This year we are guests at a party and not hosting one ourselves but that doesn’t stop me from sharing a simple but elegant napkin decoration tips for New Year’s Eve. DIY below. Hugs!

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You need: 

  1. A napkin in some kind of textile (I use linen napkins)
  2. Branches, ready made or directly plucked from the forrest (mine are bought and painted in white....)
  3. Wire (I use a thin steel wire from the supermarket) 
  4. Glitter (...left overs from the Christmas tree)

How to

  1. Fold the napkin 
  2. Place the branch in the middle of it 
  3. Cut a piece of glitter in the same length as the branch, add it to the branch 
  4. Spin the wire around the napkin, branch and glitter. Only one time as it’s eaisier to open the napkin that way. 
  5. And voila, here you have your nice napkin. Happy holidays!