I just made a new category on my blog called Wedding; I have so much to share just after one week of planning. I see the wedding planning in the following steps;

  1. Guest list, Budget and Date.
  2. Venue search, review, visiting venue and booking.
  3. Announce wedding, "save the date and RVSP.
  4. Planning the details (menu, flowers, deco, music, ceremony etc…).
  5. The selfish stuff; dress, shoes, makeup, hair.
  6. Formal invitation and programme to the confirmed guests. 
Sofia CM Interior Blog Zurich Switzerland

To keep everything in place I have made a private (locked) website for our wedding where I constantly add the information I gather. This way we can view the information at any times and I can easily present it to my partner (as he's less of a wedding-planner). It’s a very smart tips for anyone who’s planning their wedding! Here is a screenshot of the tabs.

Sofia CM Interior Blog Zurich Switzerland .png

I have reached the step two and currently searching for the perfect venue. It’s so much fun to dream away in all these stunning locations. Our wedding is small with no more than forty guests consisting of 50/50 family and friends. Hugs!

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