We just finished dinner, I made a melon salad with rucola and a carrot soup. We mostly eat vegetarian. And right now I'm sitting in my favourite corner in my living room, with my favourite playlist on, drinking a glass of red wine and eating dark chocolate from Lindt. My fiancee is watching game of thrones and we are both enjoying our precious "alone time".


I have never liked to watch TV, I have always preferred to do other things, mostly reading or just thinking. When I was younger I wouldn't admit that as I wanted to be cool like the other girls and forcefully tried to watch series and movies just to fit in. Phew, I don't need to do that any longer. For me it's crucial to have my alone time as well as a home in which I can be alone in, a room where I find peace and space for reflection. Where I can reward myself for great things I've done and imagine what I can do better. 


I recognise the times in my life when I didn't have these moments alone. These were times when I was rushing through life without taking a moment to reflect. So for me, one of my personal keys to self development is self reflection and having my "alone time" at least two times a week. Enjoy your Sunday. 

Sofia HellstromComment