On the breakfast menu today is watermelon. Watermelons have really been my thing this summer. I used it for salads (my favourite recipe is watermelon, feta cheese, rucola and olives) and desserts as well as just simply cutting and eating it as it is. I love everything from the colour to the taste, and it’s a very photo friendly fruit too.


I have now spent two full days looking for venues for our wedding, oh wow it takes time but I enjoy every second of it. Currently we are looking at Tuscany as we both adore the old stone houses and its beautiful surroundings. And of course the food, the heat and the family friendly culture,… I care more about that our guests has a good time, that we eat well and feeling relaxed rather than having the perfect details and the perfect dress. It’s raining here today so it suits perfectly to mentally dream away to sunshine in Tuscany.