And then I crashed into my first cultural misunderstanding last night with my fiancee. Oh dear! It’s his birthday today and I have made great plans for him today and tomorrow including dinner, presents and spa. But there was something I missed, something really important in the German culture and traditional and something I didn’t know about. So I learned the hard way by making the two following mistakes...

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Number one: In Germany (we are live in the german part of Switzerland), you always celebrate “into” a person’s birthday at midnight (known as “reinfeier”) - even mid-week. I didn’t do this, and he expected me to do it. Number two: Saying “happy birthday” to a German before the actual date can lead to angry stares and insults. For most Germans, a premature birthday wish means bad luck. And I said happy birthday before midnight... However, time to clean the balcony and make our home nice for tonight's dinner. Hopefully nicer than last night! Have a lovely Friday! 

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