3 trends 2018

One month into the new year, and what could be a better than updating the home a little according to some of the hot interior trends 2018? This season there are many trends to be inspired by and three of these are simply summarised in the picture below; can you find them?

Home trends 2018 - Mirror, Pink, Plant Sofia CM Interior blog Zurich switzerland

3 trends 2018

Large Mirrors 

Studies shows we have smaller homes and a more compact living. Hence, mirrors are an excellent way to make a rooms feeling more spacious. Invest in one with the same size as yourself. 

Big Plants 

We spend more time inside offices or in cities without green spaces. Hence, big plants is on the agenda not only for the better good, but also as a trendy detail. Make them grow large! 

Blush Pink 

The color pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. And think about what is currently happening in the world - pretty much the opposite of the color pink. Therefore studies show that people in generalright now are currently attracted to pink, seeking for safety, trust and love. It makes a lot of sense.