Affordable Scented Candles

After I wake up around seven I have a couple of rituals I stick to; putting on my bathrobe, making myself green tea, turning on the radio and lightning a candle. This season between January and March is somewhat the season “in between”(still dark and cold) where I turn to scented candles. I have a wide range at home, mostly presents as that seemed to be the “it gift” of 2017. I have just burned down my candle from Le Labo with a scent worth investing in. However, the scent was so strong it was enough to burn it only a few times a week to not have the whole house smelling like a spa.

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January is a time with less assets to spend on scented candles, especially candles like Le Labo; 1.2 kg candle for $ 300 (phew, good it was a gift!)) and therefore I turn to my lifesaver IKEA. They have a new candle with a scent I’ve been longing for; Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Vanilla. It’s smells like a cake and have a perfect amount of scent (meaning not too much) and burns slowly and even. And it costs 3 Euro. 

Some say buying a cheaper lookalike candle for a tenner is a false economy – and they might be right where the fragrance levels tend to sit at around 1-2 per cent, whereas premium brands are 10-15 per cent, with those oils often sourced from the world’s top perfumers in Grasse, France. But I think it’s excellent to combine expensive and cheap(er); like my style where I love combining Chanel with H&M.