Personal tips on how to plan a wedding

We are five months away from our wedding and I must say Easy Peasy… although pinning bridal pictures at Pinterest has become my second job and wedding blogs are floating my Google history, we got it all under control (at least what I know about). And therefore, I want to share my personal tips on how to plan a wedding, that I’ve learned along the way.

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Pick The Place

Know your number of guests and do your research 

  • Get a grip on the approximate number of guests you’ll invite before settling on a venue. 
  • Make a list of possible venues, their capacity in terms of guests and their prices.
  • Email them and make an appointment with their wedding coordinator (you’ll be surprised but almost every hotel / restaurant has one!)
  • Then visit, eat their food (you'll get it for free!) and let the wedding coordinator walk you through the agenda.

Follow Traditions

By tradition the couple shall marry at the place where the bride is from.

I’ve chosen a place which I’m familiar with; where my parents live, in my home country Sweden. But before that we traveled around Italy to find our dream wedding venue - but without a wedding planner nor fluent skills in Italian, we realised our dream was going to be more like a nightmare. Confident and trust in the people organising the wedding is everything, and that’s something I felt immediately when we arrived at the Swedish castle where our wedding will take place. 

Invite Your Guests 

The earlier the better and do it electronically.

Don't wait! The day after we had set our venue - we sent out the "save the date". The earlier the better! We decided to build our own website via Sqaurespace to avoid unnecessary mailing and questions. Our website holds every detail one could ask about and we used one of the readymade Wedding templates from Sqaurespace. The invitation itself was sent by post and simply said “Welcome to our midsummer wedding, please RSVP online via our website” and the address and password to the site. 

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Fix The Details

Break down your wedding into small mini events.

Make an agenda over every hour of the event, like small mini events and note down what needs to be solved to make that hour happen, for example: Get ready – what makeup, hair, shoes do I have? Ceremony – do we have music, who’s the priest? Dinner – how many courses, which wine, how many glasses etc. In our case the wedding coordinator at the castle had made our “arrangé” meaning an overview over each hour of the day and what decisions needs to be taken. Very helpful!

Ask For Help  

There is a reason why one has bridesmaids and Groomsmen. 

Ask for help from your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents. Again, write down a list of tasks you can outsource and simply ask for help. Most people feel honoured to help. 

Be present 

Be present in your planning, and enjoy it.

Take time to fantasise, go to wedding stores with your friends and watch silly wedding movies. After all, this event hopefully only happens once in your life so you better enjoy it!