The hallway - 3 tips for a harmonious entrance

Good morning! This morning I’ve been running around cleaning up small items at home to make it cleaner for our cleaning lady. Funny, but I believe it’s more efficient for her to clean then! Especially our entrance was so messy due to the cold weather (-11 today!) and the many different  gloves and scarves we used the past days. Now, keep in mind that it's in the hall everything starts. Where you or your guests gets the first impressions and The most important room according to Feng Shui. Here comes the energies and this is where the possibilities for a nice flow accelerate.

The hallway - my 3 best tips for a harmonious entrance

My 3 best tips for a harmonious entrance

  1. Use a hidden storage that provides a peaceful and harmonious impression (no one will be happy to meet with jackets, scarves, hats and lot of shoes)

  2. Well lit by lighting both outside and inside the door

  3. A flower or plant that creates beautiful energies and a fresh feeling

The hallway - my 3 best tips for a harmonious entrance

Here you see our "inside entrance" but we have most of our entrance outside the door as we have a house with a big warm staircase. That's where we keep shoes, accessories and bug bulky jackets. However, we always let our guests hang the jackets inside. And what’s left to do in our home is to get a drapery that covers the tidy but yet seeable space for the jackets. I think I will ask my mom for that sooner than later!