Heartwood Colour of the Year 2018

Hi Darlings! How was your weekend? I mostly walked around the house in my cozy socks, sat in the sofa watching Netflix (currently watching Weeds) and ate the rest of our christmas cookies. I also had a well deserved facial treatment.... ahhh, very peaceful. Something that's also peaceful is the Colour of the year named Heartwood. 

Heartwood Colour of the Year 2018

The Colour of the Year 2018,

Heart Wood

We are living in a time of unpredictability. We don’t know what the news will bring every day. We have access to more information and more choices than ever before. There are more expectations and more demands on our time. As life gets faster, now is the time to choose to press pause. As we find ourselves part of more conversations, we need to give ourselves permission to take a step back. Our home needs to be a place where we can turn down the noise, where we can nurture our values and recharge. This can be our sanctuary where we can all look forward to… a welcome home. 

Heartwood Colour of the Year 2018 Sofia CM Interior

Heartwood features the colours above and represents the warmth of natural wood – the warmth that consumers turn to during times of flux. Just like my socks <3