Decorating Tip for Couples Moving in Together

A new year means new plans and with Valentine’s Day this week, maybe it’s time to take a step forward, move together or buy something in together - a new dining table or new pillows for the sofa can make you feel stronger a couple. But how do you know which style fits both, and how can you decorate a home that reflects two or more individuals. Well, here's a smart tip on how to decorate when moving together or buying something together.

Decorating Tips for Couples Moving in Together Sofia CM Interior blog Zurich Switzerland

Step One 

Invite for a creative date and collect magazines 

Make space in your calendar for an hour at home, it can be a nice evening with some wine or just a simple breakfast. Prepare two scissors and a good mood. Start by collecting a bunch of interior magazines. If you don't have some yourself, ask friends and family to gift you their old ones. The magazines can be old, and last years editions. 

Step Two

Pick your favourite ten images 

Split the magazines in two, you keep half and the other half is left to your partner. Cut out five images each; if you have a specific furniture you wish to buy you can focus on just that item meaning picking only images of chairs. If not, then it can be anything such as pictures of colours, fabrics or homes. When you have five pictures each you swop the magazines and pick five additional ones form your new magazines. 

Step Three 

Analyse your pictures and find similarities 

You now have 10 images each and your job is now to find similarities. Make a small presentation all your images, discuss those with your partner and express what you like with each specific image. Then try to sort the images in colours, style (minimalistic, 70's style etc.), specific designers if you see that. I promise you have learned a lot and got a much greater insight onto what your partners like and what styles and designs you have in common.

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