My Favourite Places to Eat and Drink in Zurich

Good morning Monday! I wanted to start this week with sharing some of my favourite places in my home town Zurich. And I can tell that I over and over again fall in love with this city. On a little side note, I passed by Zurich for the first time ten years ago and I decided that I wanted to live here, then I somehow forgot about it but my subconscious continued working on that plan. Five years later, I the universe decided to move me here and I love everyday since. Hereโ€™s my mini guide to places I eat and drink in Zurich. 

My Favourite Places to Eat and Drink in Zurich

My Favourite Places in Zurich

Early breakfast

Grab a croissant and a coffee from Metropol at Fraumunster, and sit outside and enjoy the beautiful building. 


There is no Birchermusli like the one at Park Hyatt in Enge.  


Zum guten Glรผck, best pancakes ( ever ) in town. My favourite is the cheese, ham and egg one. Yum!


Coffee does not need to be expensive to be amazing. The best coffee is made in bahnof Enge at Caffรจ Spettacolo. 


An elegant, minimalistic hidden gem at Globus Bellevue called Tatar


The artichokes at Schiller, always cooked to perfection


Ricotta Ravioli at Bindella, and don't forget to ask for their own wines

Late night drinks

At Old fashion bar, just as the nam; old and fashionable

My Five Favourite Places in Zurich
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