Valentines at Home

Let's go nowhere today... After all the atmosphere is quieter, the food taste better and the intimacy has no limits when staying at home… If there I can list two days of the year when I refuse to go out its New Years Eve and Valentines day. So here comes my best tips for a Valentines at home ♡ 

Valentines Sofia CM Interior blog Zurich Switzerland

Knock-up a beautiful breakfast in bed

What a way to wake up! There are few things in life better than breakfast in bed.  Whether your partner is an avocado on toast kinda gal or a straight-up, full fry-up guy, there's nothing that will put a smile on their face more than a tray full of their faves on Valentine's morning, especially when it's carried in by their fave person!

Buy Flowers

One can never get enough flowers, and I think anyone appreciates a bouquet of roses or just a single one too. 

Make a playlist full of ‘your’ songs

A simple way to make Valentine’s Day a hit. Music is always a good idea, but music with a memory is a truly magical thing. Take your loved one on a journey of your time together by putting a collection of both your favourite tracks in a Playlist. 

sofia cm Valentines at Home

Cook up a three-course meal to rival any restaurant

Open up your laptop, get on the internet and you'll find loads of foodie inspiration to make the perfect Valentine's dinner. Scared? Don't be. If it does all go wrong last minute, there's always Deliveroo. It's the thought that counts, right?

Cuddle up for Movie Night

It may not sound very special, but the simple things in life are often the best. Rent a few of your loved one’s absolute favourite films, get some snacks in, light a few candles, pile up the pillows, and spend a chilled and cosy night-in together, just the two of you. And if you’re up for a true Valentines movie you’ll find a few ones here