Rules of fashion

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I have totally forgotten about the springtime florals and nautical stripes. In my head is all about clean and minimal neutrals. It’s also colours I “invest in” as I know those natural pastels never really goes out of fashion. One of the older rules of fashion says:

‘Never wear more than 3 colors at a time.’

While this may be slightly outdated, this rule is true for the neutral game. When looking at my outfit today I count four colours; Hinting Blue, Snowbound, Mindful Gray and Sea Salt. Can you see them? 

On another note, something funny and a lovely travels tips: 

When looking for the above colorchart I googled “beige taupe favourite colours”. What sowed up? A ton of colour tips for American farmhouses in the Hamptons. How funny! But I don’t mind dressing like an american farmhouse when one of the best places I’ve visited was The Baker House in East Hampton.