3 Essential tips for decorating a kids room

For all my lovely friends and readers with kids of expecting kids; here's my gift to you today! And especially to Annika who gave birth yesterday ♡ A rain of inspiring picture and simple tips when decorating a kids room. 

Kidsroom Inspo

3 Essential tips for decorating a kids room


A tips is to use a neutral ground on the walls, without any eye-catching patterns or colors. Then you can experiment freely with the details. Mix different colors, patterns and shapes on pillows and toys - and use globe string lights to make the baby room feel calm and cozy!


The most important furniture is bed, desk and storage for clothes, books and toys. A good tip is to buy regular furniture and not special children's furniture that the kids quickly grow out. Another tip of the tip is to look for used children's furniture in secondhand markets; Mixing old and new creates harmony in children's rooms and also a good budget tip. And for the DIY people, pick a couple of fun colors and brush up your secondhand furniture! 


The most important textiles are bed linen, a bedspread, a rug and curtains. Check for bedding labeled with oekotex with less chemicals. ( pssst. I know that MLL soon launches very nice kids bedding!). Invest in a nice cover or a blanket to make the bed daily and some pillows with matching colors. Curtains give a sense of security when reducing the Chi Flow (Feng Shui), it also helps to darken the room and it can also be smart to invest in a roller blind. A rug in the children's room is cozy and helps to lower the noise level, keep in mind to choose one that you can wash.

Enjoy and happy Friday!