Elegant nakpins with eucalyptus leaves

Good morning new week! I’m exhausted after a family get-together in Germany and would have preferred to stay in bed (and it does not help that it’s a blizzard outside) but Monday is here and it is, after all, my favourite day – and today contains a lot of fun! Among other things, we will fit our wedding rings today followed by lunch together (which rarely happens!). And in the afternoon I will decorate the house for Easter! Festive times are ahead of us! 

And for the occasion I wanted to give you a napkin DIY decoration tips; I really love eucalyptus, not only because it’s beautiful, but it’s also a lot of value for money when you can use it fresh as well as dried. Below I show one of my favourite eucalyptus decorations that fits simple evenings as well as for easter. This is how I make my napkin rings with eucalyptus.

Elegant table setting with eucalyptus leaves Sofia CM

You need Linen Napkins, Steel Wires, Eucalyptus Twigs (mine are dry), small wooden stick for stabilisation – you can pick it yourself of purchase it. Mine are from Coop Hobby. 

  1. Fold the linen napkins in the middle (take as a pinch in the middle and let the napkin fold itself)
  2. Cut approx. 15cm of an eucalyptus twig
  3. Place the wooden stick in the middle of the napkin and place the eucalyptus twig on top
  4. Twist the steel wire two turns around the twigs

Et Voila - An elegant napkin with eucalyptus leaves for everyday 

Elegant table setting with eucalyptus leaves sofia cm blog interior and decoration Switzerland Zurich scandinavian