I'm feeling flattered and sharing my daily beauty routines

Skincare Sofia CM

A lot of my readers ask me about skin care, basically every week, and comment that my skin looks nice. (Thank you Thank you!) And I can tell you that I feel flattered and really glad that you think so. But that has not always been the case. I have realized that good skin is a factor of what I eat, what I do, how I feel on the inside and what environment I live in. And since all of these factors are quite balanced in my life right now, my skin is nice too. What I use on the outside of my skin is just an extra factor and does not really do any miracles besides moisturizing.

A little bit obsessed with beauty...

But I know that you wonder in detail what I do, and I can confess that I am quite obsessed with beauty in general, and that I do all I can to maintain a young and fresh skin. Here's how to summarize my daily routines, which of course vary from season to season.

Skincare Sofia CM

1. You become what you eat.

I do not like to eat meat and eat almost just vegetables, legumes and fruits. I eat milk products in the form of yoghurt and cheese, but nothing excessive. And I drink a lot of water. I have always been a very thirsty person (ever since I was little!) and I really drink 3-5 liters a day. No joke. Besides that we make lots of juices at home; vegetable and fruit juices are always in the fridge and vary with the season. I usually drink a glass of juice for breakfast and if not a black cup of coffee. I am no breakfast person and always eat dinner late around eight in the evening.

2. Rest your body to renew it

I think the body must have time to rest from food and drinks during the 24 hours in order to build and renew the cells. And as I mentioned, I rarely eat breakfast which gives my body a "nutritional rest" for approx. 15 hours every day and I think it's one of the key to beautiful health. I also like the concept of fasting and doing it sometimes for 2-4 days when I feel it is necessary. To eat every 4 hours is something that I think is very unhealthy but it is of course individual.

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3. The point of skincare is to moisturise.

Normally I wash my face with lukewarm water in the morning and apply an eye cream, serum and a day cream. But, right now, it's so dry in the air that I'm skipping the serum and using a fat night cream even during the day. In the evening, I wash my face with a creamy wash, one or two times depending on whether I have make up or not. I use facial water with a cotton pad and then I apply an eye cream, lip balm and night cream.

My Products 

Here are the products I'm currently using at the time of writing and you can click on the pictures to go to the actual product. Let me know your thoughts and I would be more than curious to know what beauty tricks you have! Hugs!