Pink as an accent interior color

Sofia CM Interior Blog Zurich

New week, new opportunities and I feel like pink! It's been a super sunny weekend and the spring has finally arrived in Zurich! I feel rested and full of new energy and that's why I wanted to show you this beautiful home, decorated with a pink accent color. I only have one piece of pink in my home, an artwork from Audrey Bogush and have not yet "dared" to invest in any additional deco. But after seeing this home my mind starts to wander. 

Pink is a risky color. If used excessively it will make your home look like a Barbie house. It’s why most people avoid this color and even despise it. Nevertheless, when used with measure, pink can be a great accent color that instantly makes your home look fresh, friendly and dynamic. Some beautiful color combination using pink include shades of white, grey, black or blue. A good room to add the color pink in your interior is the living room, as it can be easily adapted to such a bold color as it’s a social area also designed for entertainment. Go bold, go pink! It's Monday after all! Hugs!