Fascinating and shocking facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland.

Happy Women’s day 2018! As I stated on instagram this morning I happen to live in the least (in my opinion) gender equal country I ever known. I do everything in my power to change, meaning contributing on a daily basis to small or bigger tings. Just by running this blog I feel I raise my or a voice for women. But to underline the gender gap, let me present some fascinating and shocking facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland. 

  1. In 1971 Switzerland finally granted women the right to vote at national level. But that was only one canton!!...26 remained!! and it took until 1991 for all women in Switzerland to have voting rights.
  2. 1984 First woman elected member of Switzerland's government.
  3. In a September 1985 referendum women were granted equal rights with men within family life. Until this date men had legal authority over their wives, meaning a husband could prevent his wife from working, choose where she should live and manage her money, including preventing her from opening a bank account without his approval. 
  4. In 1990 the region of Appenzell became the last canton in Switzerland to give women voting rights at cantonal level – and then only because the federal supreme court forced it to. 
  5. Abortion on request became legal in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in 2002. Also that year, the morning after pill was released for sale without prescription.
  6. 2004 Referendum on a law to introduce a paid maternity leave accepted. Pregnant women became legally entitled to paid maternity leave in 2005, but only after the idea had been rejected by voters in four previous referendums.

Let us move forward, strive for change and become stronger each day! Very Much Happy Women's Day! 

14 fascinating facts about the history of women’s rights in Switzerland