Essential packing rules for weekends

Good morning guys! I just closed my weekend bag, pulled out my warmest scarf and headed out! We are going to the mountains today with friends. I cannot wait for another weekend of foundeu, skiing, two long hotel breakfasts and just hanging out. When we go skiing we never rush in the morning, we are never the first ones in the slopes and we always sit the longest in the breakfast. I guess this must be a cause of having done the exact opposite during my childhood. My fiancé and I both remember having parents pulling us out of bed and rushing to be the first one in the slopes. Well, we might be the same later on in life, but for now we enjoy our time to the max.  


Essential packing rules

When I go for short skiing weekend like these I bring very few but very essential clothing; my two rules are 1. bring clothing that can be used two ways – for skiing and for casual evenings. 2. Bring only clothing in naturally warm fabrics such as wool, cashmere and fur. Trust me, it's worth the pre-thinking! 

Here’s a snapshot of what’s in my bag this weekend. 

  • A scarf in pashmina 
  • A cashmere cardigan 
  • A sparkly cardigan in cotton wool blend 
  • A fur west 
  • A cashmere hat 

Wishing you a lovely weekend!