Admin day and 5 cups of coffee

Today has been a real administrative day. Lots of coffee, emails, phone calls, sorting, more emails and a feeling of not being in control at all. I very rarely feel that way but this week was so different with so many other type of events that the admin side of our companies and my own life stuff was left behind. But today I decided to not care about that and leave the office right now, (16.15) without having completed my goals for this week. Instead of working I’m going to go to the gym and lift weights. Feels like I have to sweat out all the impressions this week. Also, I have got an eye infection since this morning and I can barely see on my right eye, I think my body is trying to tell me to rest. The weekend will be spent in peace and quiet with my dear husband. We both have a very busy schedules at the moment where he travels a lot so we will just stay home and enjoy life at home this weekend.