Get things done with Trello

Today was a pure admin day. I had a celery juice and two coffees for breakfast and then deep diving into my emails and todo’s of this week. I’m going on a shorter vacation next week and therefore I want to make sure I get a lot of things done in the next coming days in order to actually rest and paus for five days.


I’m a list person of an extreme kind. I make list for everything in life from my home, what to eat, my goals and first and foremost what we have to complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for our companies. I used to use normal notes on my phone but after accidentally deleting one I looked for other alternatives and found Trello. In fact, one of our collaborating blogger girls that wrote a post about Trello and that’s how I discovered it. Trello is my life saver and I have 5 boards (4 company boards and one personal board). I tried other ones such as Asana but I like it simple with a good overview, that’s what Trello provides. So if you want to get things done or simply organize yourself better I truly recommend to use it. Now I’m almost in Zurich for my last meeting today with one of the coolest lake-clubs ( Seebad in German ), exciting project coming up!