Why refrigeration is key for organic, raw and all-natural beauty products

I was so glad to receive this hand cream from Nooii. It is a Organic brand from Kilchberg in Switzerland (very close to where I live). But I am always a bit sceptic against organic skincare, as it is (in my opinion) close to impossible to make skincare that lasts longer than a few weeks by only using an organic formula. 

Consider it as you would your food: The fresher the product, the more beneficial the results. However, food obviously differs from cosmetic concoctions—it’s unlikely you’d be eating the same banana over six months. Products containing organic, raw, and pure ingredients need to last longer than the average head of lettuce, but to keep the formulation free of chemicals, it often means removing many mainstream preservatives and replacing them with natural ones. It also means a shorter use-by date. What can we do to keep it longer? Yea, maybe like we do with food – keep them in the fridge? Nevertheless, my tips is to always, be sure to make note of when organic and all-natural products are opened, and use within the recommended date—whether you store them in your fridge or not.