The Power of a Well-Crafted To-Do List, the “A-B-C” system.

We are moving into the month of July, eventually the slowest month of the year. Most people around me are on vacation, or at least in the mood of vacation and I take that to my advantage. In July I can accelerate faster when not being bothered by emails, calls and so on.

Sofia Seckinger

To keep track of the things I have to do, I use Trello, an application where you can make lists. I keep one list for each area of the businesses such as marketing, admin but obviously, I won’t be able to do everything; I have to set priorities. I recommend the “A-B-C” system: Mark high-priority items (things I absolutely must attend to) with an “A.” Lower-priority items get marked with a “B” (if I have the time) or “C” (fat chance). Now I will jump onto my B list, as I actually managed to complete my A list already today. 

sofia seckinger a and b lists