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In the book store

A tradition we have is to always visit the book store at the airport in Zurich before we leave on vacation. Today we bought 4 books, 2 each and I chose the biography from Michel Obama and a novel called Wives. I’ve been looking forward to read the book from Michel, she seem so grounded and wise, a real power woman.


Reading a book for me is almost as hard as to pack a bag. I get easily distracted and waves of thoughts often overwhelms my mind, but biographies are different and keeps me interested. I’m crossing my fingers for this book!

The owner of this store has very good humor! Look at the two men in the middle!  

The owner of this store has very good humor! Look at the two men in the middle!  

Exam day

Today was exam day. For my Swiss residence permit I have to prove my German language skills and hence, I had to make an exam today. Reading, listening, writing and speaking. I think it went alright! I’m on my way home now with a feeling of gratefulness that I’m not in school any longer; those years were definitely not my favorite ones and if you ask me if I would do anything different in my life - I would swap most of my school and university years for work experience. 

Get things done with Trello

Today was a pure admin day. I had a celery juice and two coffees for breakfast and then deep diving into my emails and todo’s of this week. I’m going on a shorter vacation next week and therefore I want to make sure I get a lot of things done in the next coming days in order to actually rest and paus for five days.


I’m a list person of an extreme kind. I make list for everything in life from my home, what to eat, my goals and first and foremost what we have to complete on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for our companies. I used to use normal notes on my phone but after accidentally deleting one I looked for other alternatives and found Trello. In fact, one of our collaborating blogger girls that wrote a post about Trello and that’s how I discovered it. Trello is my life saver and I have 5 boards (4 company boards and one personal board). I tried other ones such as Asana but I like it simple with a good overview, that’s what Trello provides. So if you want to get things done or simply organize yourself better I truly recommend to use it. Now I’m almost in Zurich for my last meeting today with one of the coolest lake-clubs ( Seebad in German ), exciting project coming up!

Admin day and 5 cups of coffee

Today has been a real administrative day. Lots of coffee, emails, phone calls, sorting, more emails and a feeling of not being in control at all. I very rarely feel that way but this week was so different with so many other type of events that the admin side of our companies and my own life stuff was left behind. But today I decided to not care about that and leave the office right now, (16.15) without having completed my goals for this week. Instead of working I’m going to go to the gym and lift weights. Feels like I have to sweat out all the impressions this week. Also, I have got an eye infection since this morning and I can barely see on my right eye, I think my body is trying to tell me to rest. The weekend will be spent in peace and quiet with my dear husband. We both have a very busy schedules at the moment where he travels a lot so we will just stay home and enjoy life at home this weekend.

Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Today I was invited to a workshop with the Swedish forum Founder alliance. Founders Alliance is a collaborative forum of the world's leading founders for sustainable corporations. We were 11 men and 1 woman (me) that met and exchanged experiences, ideas, solutions and even investment opportunities. It was SO exciting! We were at a beautiful location in Zurich. 


Among us 12 individuals we had so many industries represented being Energy and renewable energy, Software, Health Care, Fin-tech, Consumer Goods, Consulting, Pharma, Real estate, Industrial good and more. And some of the guys had already had their unicorns, exists and on their 10th startup.


I am so impressed by all of the guys and incredibly proud to be part of this group. And maybe even more proud to be the handpicked only woman, and youngest person in this room. For the second day in a row, I had to pinch myself in the arm. Life is so colorful, fun and challenging right now. After the workshop I had a coffee with one of the guys to discuss a business opportunity that we came up with in the workshop and later I left to our factory to work. I just left and it’s my favorite part of the day, when all lights are out and the factory floors are empty. It’s a magical feeling.