Create a beautiful workplace

I feel it's time to jazz up the office. And it's always fun to get to work when the place is glowing a bit. These nice boxes I found at HM Home. Nice right? By creating a beautiful workplace in your home or actual office (wherever you work), you create good energies that make you feel better about the days and work becomes more joyful.

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  • A flower on the desk, maybe hmaplucked like mine, from the garden, is an energy enhancer of rank.
  • Hidden storage for gems, pens and other office stuff creates a harmonious and cleaned feel. You know that you can reduce stress and worry by twenty percent by keeping a good order and a clean impression.
  • Add a sparkling notebook and a pretty pen next to your computer, and write down ideas that pop up during the day. Don't waist your time to think about it, each time something new pops. 
  • Frame that favourite holiday picture of your loved one, in a beautiful frame - watching a loved person makes us calm and happy. And it's not cheesy! 

I wish you a lovely day and feel free to tag me in your workplace pictures. I would love to see how you’re spending your day. Hugs! 

Sofia Cm Scandinavian Interior and home decoration Blog Zurich Switzerland