DIY Place Cards for Christmas

The festive season is about to start and we have so many wonderful plans that I can hardly keep the track myself. But the official-party-season-start takes place on Friday when we host our annual Christmas party or, rather Glöggparty - simply explained as a Swedish thing that means we drink mulled wine and eat cookies. 

DIY Placing Cards for Christmas

This year I have an idea of making small goodie bags to all the guests with my home made Christmas cookies - personalised with their name on. And best of all, I can reuse my place cards that I made last year for another party. The circle of friends has not changed much but possibly expanded so a few extra cards have to be made. 

It’s easy and this is how I make my DIY place cards for Christmas - I buy silver or grey hard paper at Coop Home (here in Switzerland), cut them into same sizes, using a golden pen to write the names and then I make a small hole in the card and attach it to the bag with a small ribbion in different colours. Voila. It's fun with an extra surprise gift that everyone can bring home. I show the results on Instagram :)

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