My Two Best Candle Tips

It’s no secret that I have a slight obsession with candles. I always have one burning and love switching them up, depending on my mood. Bu how does one make a candle burn evenly and how do I keep my candles clean or avoid the soot? Let me tell you how. 

Sofia CM best tips for Candles

Trim your wick

If you don’t already do this, trim your wick so that it’s the length of about 1/4 inch. I trim my candle wicks before each use.  By doing this, your candle will not leave as much soot (the black residue) behind. If any of my candles do end up with any soot, I wipe it off with a paper towel (after the candle has cooled off completely, of course!). You can use small scissors for this or a candle wick trimmer. This is one of the most important things to do, if you want to keep your candles/jars clean.

Sofia CM best tips for Candles

Burn evenly 

If you get your candle to burn evenly, you’ll have less trouble removing any wax left behind once your candle is completely burnt. The first time you burn your candle is the most important “burn”. You want to make sure that you burn it for at least 2 hours (this will depend on the size of the candle, of course). The reason for this, is that you want the wax to burn/melt all the way to the edges of the candle. Otherwise, the wax will start to tunnel and next time you burn your candle, it will be impossible to get an even burn.

I also usually avoid burning my candles for longer than 4 hours at a time.

Sofia CM best tips for Candles