Good morning darlings, After a weekend that felt incredibly long I’m back in front of my laptop. I have to plan for tomorrow’s shoot with Jennifer. Normally I’m well ahead of my schedule and planning but with traveling, holidays and incredibly nice weather over the weekend there was simply very little time to plan. 

Sofia Cm Interior Blog Zurich Switzerland

Tomorrow’s shoot will be all about capturing my summer outfits before we the fall is here. I wish for a long and warm autumn although I never really trust the weather here in Switzerland. Before a photoshoot I always put together a small collage with images of how I imagine mine to be, or what type of scenery we will be in. It helps to be efficient.

Another thing on our agenda is my own photographer skills. I really wish to improve and therefore I have asked Jennifer (who’s helping me taking my pictures) to teach me more. We will talk about it tomorrow. Have a great day!