Time for Champagne

I always think it’s so wonderful to wake up to Friday, my favourite day of the week, when you have the whole weekend in front of you! My week has been intensive with traveling and especially wedding planning! Friday is also the day of Champagne (or Prosecco that I actually like better ...); There’s hardly anything better than opening a bottle of bubble on Friday night with my fiancée, snacking on  some cheese and nuts and summarising the week gone.

In my shelf I have two types of Champagne glass; a set of vintage glasses from 1920, purchased the flea market in Zurich and modern set of glasses from West Wing’s basic collection. Right now, I like my classic Westwing glasses best, they feel so elegant and light (on the picture). To mark the occasion of Friday, I’ve put together my favourite Champagne gadgets below! You can click on the pictures to go to the item.