Simple but personal Christmas gift wrapping

Good morning friends, it’s ten days left to Christmas and I've wrapped (some) of my presents. Since last year I have some kind of love for natural coloured gift papers. I think it’s so beautiful to have a solid color base allowing for decorating the gifts with colourful ribbons, or sparkly Christmas decorations or other personal notes or messages. There are in any case a complete color explosion during Christmas so more colours is hardly needed. I like to strive for some kind of harmony. 

Sofia CM interior and home decoration blog Christmas Zurich

Heres’ my best tips for simple but personal Christmas gift wrapping.

  1. Use one color of paper that gives harmony; I prefer nature coloured but I would also recommend using a matt dark red or navy.
  2. Decorate the gifts a bit extra and with your personal touch; That can be beautiful ribbons with patterns, a branch from a tree, a golden pine-cone, a deco from the tree or similar.
  3. Think of which colours that match: Nature and Red, Dark Blue and Gold, White and Green, for example.
  4. And last but not least, think of the environment and buy a paper that is good for the environment, if possible.

Happy Wrapping! 

Sofia CM interior and home decoration blog Christmas Zurich