Water melon might be one of the best fruits I know, maybe because I eat it so seldom. Yesterday I bought a mini-water melon before my photoshoot with Jennifer, a perfect breakfast before a photoshoot as it’s light and full of water to keep you hydrated. 

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The summer days are passing by here and I cannot even tell you how much I enjoy our balcony and being able to walk outside at your own property (not needing to go out in public spaces), eating outside, brushing my teeth outside or simply just sit here and watch the fluffy clouds. It is such an upgrade from having a small two bedroom flat in the city center (my previous home…)

Today’s agenda is short and fun. I need to prepare a speech for a my friend's wedding, organising details for my 30th birthday celebration and a lash extension at Demees in the afternoon. Have a great day darlings!