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Hello from France and the Riviera, the sun is shining and the wine is cold! I follow the instagram star Anne-Laure Mais and at the moment, I feel like copying her style. Those of you who’s been reading my blog for a while know that I absolutely love France, the Riviera and the chic French style. Classic yet elegant relaxed and always so feminine, I'm trying to imitate!

Sofia CM french interior

And if you are crazy about France like I am, why not match the decor? This charming Parisian apartment was made in 19th century by my favourite French interior designers Gilles & Boissier. The apartment has a beautiful white interior which offers a unique contrast which combines a classical background and contemporary art work. Enjoy it! 

Sunlight, simplicity and airy rooms
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I get so happy when I see this home ... Almost "weak-kneed" as one would say in Swedish. The sunlight, the simple but lovely interior and the airy rooms. I used the same pictures when I wrote about 3 essential tips for decorating a kids room, a post that was highly appreciated. In the case you would like to decorate your home similar to this home, I have listed some of the interior pieces spotted below. 

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What to wear for Easter in France

Hey hey! I’m packing my bag for the easter break! We are flying to Barcelona tomorrow, and from there driving to our family home in France. We’re going to hang out with my fiancé, his brother and his girlfriend for a long weekend. The weather seems to be on our side with around twenty degrees and sunshine. And what to wear for Easter in France? I keep it simple with jeans, sneakers, a white classic shirt and a couple of dresses for the evenings. Here’s my little french fashion inspo. 

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Pink as an accent interior color
Sofia CM Interior Blog Zurich

New week, new opportunities and I feel like pink! It's been a super sunny weekend and the spring has finally arrived in Zurich! I feel rested and full of new energy and that's why I wanted to show you this beautiful home, decorated with a pink accent color. I only have one piece of pink in my home, an artwork from Audrey Bogush and have not yet "dared" to invest in any additional deco. But after seeing this home my mind starts to wander. 

Pink is a risky color. If used excessively it will make your home look like a Barbie house. It’s why most people avoid this color and even despise it. Nevertheless, when used with measure, pink can be a great accent color that instantly makes your home look fresh, friendly and dynamic. Some beautiful color combination using pink include shades of white, grey, black or blue. A good room to add the color pink in your interior is the living room, as it can be easily adapted to such a bold color as it’s a social area also designed for entertainment. Go bold, go pink! It's Monday after all! Hugs! 

Pomegranate Salad

After a day of wedding planning and a big spring cleaning of our balcony we really deserved a delicious lunch. I made a Pomegranate Salad with cheese, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, apple, tomato, salad, koriander and of course Pomegranate seeds. Bon apetit! Now I'm going to take my book and sit down with a cup of tea and a plum cake that I got from our neighbours. <3